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Colour Cubed Strategy Game*

Colour Cubed Strategy Game*

  • R 39900

Colour matching critical thinking game

Children will find themselves addicted to this puzzle game as they develop their colour recognition and matching skills through matching as many tile colours as possible. This game provides 3 levels of play making it ideal for the whole family to enjoy.

Skills Developed:
- Critical Thinking
- Problem Solving
- Matching
- Addition
- Observation

How to play:
- Players score points by matching the colour squares
- Each player starts with 6 cards
- The top card from the remaining deck is placed colour side up in the game play area
- Players place their game titles against any side of the centre card, matching at least one of its coloured squares
- Game play continues until all cards have been used
- The player with the highest score at that end wins!

Set includes:
- 40 Colour Tiles Featuring 4 Different Colours
- Multilingual Instructions

Tiles measure 75mm
For 2-6 players
Features multilingual packaging